Warranty Options from Aki Motors Abingdon
For Our Customers We Set Up a Warranty With WMS GROUP, Where You Can Use Any VAT Registered Garage Local To You.

*We Offer 3 Months Warranty Each Sale On Selected Cars*
*Warranty Can Be Upgrade Up To 36 Months*
*WMS Rescue and Recovery Option Available*

Only the following listed parts are covered:

Engine - Internal components:
Valve assembly, inlet and exhaust valves, valve guides and springs (excluding burnt valves and decokes), cylinder head (excluding cracks and overheating damage), stretched head bolts, push rods, camshaft and cam followers, timing gears, timing chains and timing chain tensioner, oil pump, pistons and rings, cylinder bores, gudgeon pins, con rods and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, flywheel and ring gear, distributor drive.

Camshaft Timing Belt:
Are covered if there is proof that the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations have been complied with and they are free from oil contamination.
Manual Gearbox & Transfer Box - internal components only
Gears, shafts, synchromesh hubs, selectors, bearings, speedometer drive, overdrive units (when fitted), solenoid,
(excluding gear cables, linkages, electronic actuators).

Automatic gearbox:
Gears, oil pump, shafts, clutches, brake bands, bearings, governors, servos, torque converter, drive plate, valve block, modulator valve, speedometer drive.

Drive System:
Crown wheel, pinion, half shafts, planet gears, bevel gears and bearings.
Centre plate only covered for oil contamination, pressure plate, thrust bearing, clutch fork, master cylinder, slave cylinder.

Master Cylinder, disc brake calipers (excluding seizure and electric motors).

Propshaft, universal joints and bearings.

Wheel Bearings:
Front and Rear.

Coil springs, front and rear.

Fuel System:
Mechanical/Electrical and fuel pump. Cooling System
Head gasket, thermostat, mechanical water pump (excluding electric pumps).

Alternator, starter motor, front and rear windscreen wiper motors and indicator relay.

- 24/7 vehicle Recovery and Repair Service
- Spare Wheel cover included as standard
- No additional cost incured for misfuelling
- Interactive suport via mobile app
- FCA regulated
- Access to additional WMS Products

*Terms & Conditions Apply*